Online Marketing Insiders Reveal The Domain Hunter Gatherer

If you run an online business selling products, you eventually are going to want to expand your product line. Instead of winging it or thinking up new ideas, you should use online tools to verify there is a need.

Unfortunately this seems to happen every day. How do you keep from being scammed by seo services that are not what they appear to be? You need to use common sense and ask a lot of questions. Ask for references and talk to people before signing a contract. Most professional seo consultants will gladly give you the information that you seek. Any that doesn’t are immediately suspect and should be avoided like the Bubonic Plague!! Better Business Bureaus also have some information on companies of this sort. If there is no report or black marks, then steer clear and choose another SEO services that will be more forthcoming with this information.

During this time I was buying other domains and had sold a couple of those that were spending money on Google Adwords. My sites saved them money as they were at number one for the words they were advertising on.

You can search through domain auction sites or registrar sites (Go Daddy has a huge list) that will sell off their Derek Pierce and browse review the available domain names. You can find plenty of some expired, or soon to be expired, domain names that you like in these site.

Open your Google Analytics account or other traffic tracking account check the traffic change after 24th April 2012. If you observer the traffic is increased then you should feel happy that Google like your website changes and you are in right direction. If, your website traffic dip more than 15% then you need to worry about that. To assist you here are some basic areas you need to check.

This will list the contact details. I’ve managed to save a third of the price for a domain I was interested in, so it’s definitely worth it. You know what they asking so you can go in lower. Shifty maybe, but I say it’s just being thrifty!